Review of the Islamic Ideology Council: Encouraging Islamic Principles and Social Change in Pakistan

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Hazrat Bilal


The Council of Islamic Ideology is a constitutional body that advises the legislature whether or not a certain law is repugnant to Islam, namely to the Qur'an and Sunna. The paper looks at the way IIC takes the lead in dissemination and also the contributions made by the IIC in social reform in Pakistan. It refers to its lineage and propagating the role of IIC in law review under the jurisdiction of Islam and Human rights as well. The paper is focused on the effect of IIC on the legislative overhaul in many areas of the life of modern Pakistani society, pointing both at Islamic values making progress and the obstacles of navigating social reforms facing the evolution of the country. The interest’s critiques of the IIC's expected consequences are also on the table, such as narrow perspectives of Shariah that may weaken the social development. Through presenting a balanced view of the IIC's role, this article will hopefully aid in getting a well-informed understanding of it in how it operates in advancing Islamic values and social reforms.

Keywords: Islamic Ideology Council, Pakistan’s Legal System, Social Reforms, Islamic Values, perspectives of Shariah

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