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Ghulam Shabbir Rana


In the history of Urdu drama, Imtiaz Ali Taj's creation of drama "Anar Kali" has gained popularity. This drama is first published in 1932. Since then, several editions of it have been published. Drama continues to be popular. In India, a movie based on the story of Anarkali, "Mughal Azam" was made, which was well received by moviegoers. No concrete historical facts or documentary evidence has come to light so far. There is a series of superstitions, assumptions, speculations and superstitions that have adorned the research landscape. Readers of literature are so lost in the fascination of this story that In search of facts, Pehm walks around killing Tom Toy but finds no sign of destination. The same is the case with the pigeons of Noor Jahan and Jahangir which never existed but those who study the water of life still call it Kalnaksh fi Aljar. The whole story of Anar Kali is full of events which never came into existence from scratch. The tragedy is that they are afraid of the new constitution and their interest in imitating the old style is growing.

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