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Izzah Rashid


This research was conducted to find out the impact of Covid-19 pandemic had on students at University Of Okara Punjab, Pakistan. The research was descriptive in nature and data were collected by using questionnaire survey. This research was undertaken to investigate students’ mental stress as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.  It was found that Covid-19 pandemic created mental stress in students. Both male and female students were of the same opinion. Another important finding was that Covid-19 pandemic has significant impact on students learning process. All educational institutions were closed as a result of Covid-19 pandemic and physical classes were taking place. Universities started online classes but due to lack of resources and facilities, online classes were not possible. Covid-19 also affected student-teacher interaction to great extent. Student-teacher interaction plays pivotal role in effective teaching learning process. Covid-19 pandemic closed educational institution and there was no physical classroom teaching and no student- teacher interaction.

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