Effect of Warming Up and Cooling-Down on Sports Performance

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Mohibullah Khan Marwat
Khalid Usman
Yasir Ali
Samera Saman
Mansab Ali Baig


Focus of the present investigation was to evaluate the results of the available literature in connection with the effect of warming up and cool down in the overall fitness and performance of the players. According to the physiological chemistry of the human organism, prompt physical performance is always subject to the state of readiness of the person for the action. Prior to participation in sports, physical, mental, psychological, physiological, preparedness is the primary condition for showing optimum performance. Alongside warming up, acclimatization of the player to heat and cold is also a basic factor for showing better performance. The story of the readiness and preparedness revolves round the state of warm-up. Similarly, after active participation in the activity, cooling down performs the job of gradual normalization of the core body temperature, pace of heart beating and respiration. Literature has revealed scarcity of the consensus about a specific type of warming up protocol that may serve well in all types of activities. It is therefore, concluded that additional information based on scientific research is required to resolve this issue. The present research study evaluated various innovations in connection with different types warming up and cooling down protocols, their duration and effectiveness in the field of sports.  

Keywords: Warming up, Cooling down, Protocol, Temperature, Sports, Player.


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