Problems faced by Working Women in Pakistan: A Qualitative study

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Hafsa Khatoon
Shehla Riaz


In Islam, men and women have the same connection with Allah, the Almighty and their rights and duties are also highly valued in Islam. A large number of women are entering the professions to meet their demands and fulfil their needs. When Pakistani women go to work, they face a slew of issues and difficulties. The majority of working women face are personal, family, and social in nature. These issues includes distress, physical and mental instability, marital conflict, child neglect, work family conflicts, negativity in the community, inappropriate behavior of family. Lack of awareness in people is causing these issues to worsen. In Pakistan women’s  contribution is significantly important more to the household economy and the job market. The research focuses to find out the prblems of working women at their homes, society and work place in pakistan. Qualitative approached is opted for this study for highlight the personal, social and family problems faced by the working women. The main focus of the study is to find out the prblems of working women.The study also highlights some cultural norms and the importance of family and societal support.

Keywords: Working Women, Domestic Issues, Work-Life balance, child neglec.

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