Similarities and Differences: A Comparative Analysis of Islam and Christianity

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Dr. Mufti Muhammad Iltimas Khan
Muhammad Muneer
Dr. Muhammad Shah Faisal


Islam and Christianity, which are the Abrahamic religions, have a history of being related and hold a set of key principles. This paper focuses on a comparative study of the two world religions under discussion, illuminating the common and the peculiar characteristics of each. A fundamental point where both Judaism and Christianity share common denominators is monotheism which is the belief in a one god. This paper presents the issue of common regard by both Jews and Christians for the prophets such as Abraham and Jesus. It examines their importance to the religions especially to the Jews and Christians. The main differences are next examined, the first being Jesus' veneration in Christianity. By contrast, he is only a prophet as he is in Islam. The essence of God, the different ways which the sacred scripture and the kind of worship are explained are also compared. Through determining such resemblances and contrasts, our article is tailored to an extent that cultural understanding in the modern society of Islam and Christianity is broadened and then, inter-religious dialogue and respect among different faiths is promoted.

Keywords: Islam, Christianity, Abrahamic Religions, Essence of God, Resemblances

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