Safeguarding Women in Public: Reconciling Islamic Teachings with the Reality of Harassment

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Irfan Ullah
Dr. Tahira Batool
Dr. Muhammad Shah Faisal
Dr. Zeeshan *


It is but a great obstacle to the women mobility in public spaces when sexual harassment the women constitute is on an increase. This paper highlights this issue that is enforced within the Islamic context so it can be balanced by the concept of women’s honor and dignity, even though the truth is women encounter harassment. It brings into review some Quranic verses and Hadiths that recommends the endowment of women with respect and providing them the leeway to move about public unmolested. Finally, this paper explores the rigidity of Islamic Fiqh (laws based on interpretations of divine revelations) and its relevance in domestic violence context. This paper deals with the identification of the current practices among the Islamic societies geared towards protecting women as well as how Islamic principles could be incorporated to create a culture of respect and accountability in public areas. In a broader sense, this research is intended to fill an existing void which exists between the female experience and Islamic teachings, and to come up with practical solutions that can protect and improve the lives of women.

Keywords: Women Protection, Harassment, Islamic Teachings, Public Spaces, Women’s Dignity

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