The Effect of Name on Personality and the Events of Name Change in Prophet's Biography Muhammad Aslam Rabbani نام کا شخصیت پر اثر اور نبی کریم ﷺکے تبدیلئِ نام کے واقعات

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Muhammad Aslam Rabbani
Wajid Irshad


Name” has great importance in Islam. A name reflects any personality. The effects of the name on the personality are visible, that's why Islam has always given importance to good names. The Holy Prophet also suggested good names and changed bad names. In this assignment, the same article "Effects of Name on Personality" is highlighted. I have given the content here regarding Quran and Hadith, which is very comprehensive and comprehensive.

Keyword- Name, Personality, Holy Prophet, Quran, Hadith.

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