The Thoughtful and Prosodic Review of “Mushtaq Aajiz Doha" مشتاق عاجز کے دوہوں کا فکری و فنی جائزہ

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Nausheen Shokat
Dr. Abdul Sattar Malik


The Couplet (Doha) is an old genre of poetry of the subcontinent, which has completely Hindi's style. This genre of poetry begins with the beginning of Urdu language. Anyway! Among the Urdu couplet writers, the first couplet is written by Meeran jee Shamsul-Ishaq. After the, Meeran jee Shamsul-Ishaq many Urdu poets of saying Couplets (Doha) came forward, including in which Amir Khusro's name is also worth mentioning. In this research article, the thoughtful and prosodic review of Mushtaq Aajiz's Dohay (Couplets), have been taken, which are included in his book titled as "SAMPORUN's''.

Key words- Couplet, prosodic, verses, poets, Mushtaq Aajiz, Samporun.     

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