Enhancing Parents’ Involvement in Students’ Learning and Academic Success

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Ms. Masooma Kazam
Dr. Asif Iqbal
Muhammad Faisal Farid


Parents who are actively involved in their children's educational experiences have been shown to have a positive impact on their children's academic success. There are many different methods to become active in the classroom, some of which include assisting with academics, participating in extracurricular activities, and having conversations with teachers. It has been found that parents who take an active interest in their children's education are associated with greater academic achievement, improved school attendance, and more involvement in advanced courses. There is a correlation between increased parental involvement and improved school attitudes as well as increased academic motivation among academically motivated youngsters. The academic success of a student may be affected by socioeconomic or familial problems; nevertheless, parental participation can act as a buffer against these effects and help the kid overcome these obstacles. It is possible for efforts to engage and help parents in their child's education to have a long-lasting, favorable effect on a student's academic and personal development. The participation of parents has a significant role in the academic outcomes of pupils.

Keywords: Parental, Students, Action research, involvement, Parents.

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