The Breadth of the Islamic Ideology of Da'wah and its Necessity and Significance in the Modern Era اسلام کے نظریہ دعوت کی جامعیت اورعصر حاضر میں اس کی ضرورت و اہمیت

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Alisha Tanveer
Dr. Umar


Human history is witness that no philosophy can successfully present its highest message to the world without a strong strategy of Dawah. The religion of Islam also presented its introduction and teachings to the world of humanity with a high and comprehensive Da'wah strategy from the beginning to the completion and then continuously. Just as the teachings of Islam are comprehensive, the concept of invitation in Islam is also comprehensive. In the context of the challenges faced in the present era, it is as important to highlight the comprehensiveness of Islam's ideology of Da’wah and to place its necessity and importance before the educated class of today as it was in the Meccan period after the revelation to the Prophet Muhammad of Allah, (PBUH). He put the comprehensive program of Islam in front of the people of Makkah through his strong Da'wah strategy. Being aware of the comprehensiveness of Islam's ideology of Da'wah and its necessity and importance in today's times is very important. So that today's youth can gain awareness of this comprehensive thought and philosophy of Islam and offer a solution to the problems they are facing with a systematic and strong Da'wah strategy and inform the humanity of today about the comprehensive teachings of Islam.

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