The Role of Water in Achieving Food Security in Islamic Economics.

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Zawran Ullah
Dr. Muhammad Fakhar uddin


Water plays a crucial role in the Islamic economy and is essential for food security. According to the principles of Islamic economics, it is incumbent upon us to conserve water and use it judiciously. In accordance with Sharia principles, we promote fairness and equality in the distribution of water, protect critical resources, and advocate for better utilization. Measures for water conservation are extremely important. These include promoting water equity, harvesting rainwater and its better utilization, improving water distribution and usage in agricultural businesses, and safeguarding against artificial scarcity of water. Similarly, standardized conservation measures for water are also part of the Islamic economy, such as preventing artificial obstructions and ensuring proper water purification. By taking steps to conserve water, we can strengthen this initiative and provide a better future for future generations. Likewise, by improving the distribution and usage of water, we can also enhance food security, which contributes to the advancement of the economy.

Keywords- Water, Achieving Food, Security, Islamic Economics.

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