The Study of Zoology in The Context of The Holy Qur’an

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Syeda Zonaira Kazmi


The essence of this research paper is centered round the concept of zoology in the light of The Holy Quran. It aims to compare the facts of zoology, cited in The Holy Quran with the modern science. This study will carefully examine particular animals that are pointed towards in The Holy Quran. Moreover, different exegeses regarding these citations will be addressed. Exegesis by Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjar will be emphasized as it comprises of scientific explanation of The Quranic Verses. The topic can be viewed from the perspectives of how the citations give lessons to The Human Beings. The research purpose is to throw light on the lessons which these zoological citations carry in them. Hopefully, it can also provide a guide way for those with expertise in science to find the ultimate truth.

Key Words: Quranic, Zoology, Animals, Insects, Birds, Amphibian, Legitimate, Creation

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