About Journal

The Research journal is double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access research journal. This journal offers a platform for religious scholars and social science experts to publish their scholarly work. It seeks to strengthen the atmosphere of interreligious harmony and world peace. It is an excellent opportunity for authors to share their work with the world and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Research.

Aims & Scope

International Journal of Islamic Studies & Culture:

International Journal of Islamic Studies & Culture is a peer reviewed bi-lingual (i.e. English and Urdu), quarterly international scholarly journal published. to promote research in the domains of philosophy, religion, cultural thought, and theological exchange of ideas. This goal seeks to create fresh opportunities for discourse and conversation on modern religious and cultural thought and practices.


The Journal's objective is to highlight high-quality research in the areas of philosophy, religion, cultural thought, and theological exchange of ideas. Its aim is to address the diverse challenges faced by present-day Muslim communities and offer solutions within the framework of contemporary theoretical concepts. This initiative aims to encourage scholars to engage in constructive and open-minded discussions, free from any professional, national, or cultural biases, leading to a productive and tolerant discourse. Furthermore;

  1. To provide an authentic research platform for the contributors of Religious Studies.
  2. To deliver a Standard Research analysis of Contemporary Intellectual Issues.
  3. To offers an effective podium for publishing research-oriented endeavours in the social sciences.
  4. To runs free and direct access to its contents under the principle of wider global sharing of knowledge.
  5. To publish research oriented verified data in accordance with the guidelines and standards of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.


The journal intentionally has a broad scope, encompassing research in the social, natural, and cultural sciences, as well as the Eastern and Western perspectives on religious theology. The goal is to illuminate these areas, enabling a deeper understanding of human problems and facilitating practical solutions. " International Journal of Islamic Studies & Culture " welcomes trilingual research articles and publishes book reviews on Muslim works and biographies. By promoting a scholarly relationship in academic and social circles, this journal seeks to foster intellectual growth and development. The journal covers the fields of;

Subject Area

  • Psychology
  • English Literature and Languages   
  • Islamic Psychology
  • Islamic Banking and Finance
  • History
  • International Relation
  • Languages
  • Islamic Study
  • Islamic Literature
  • Oriental and Occidental Studies in the context of Muslims
  • Comparative Religions
  • Others

Distinctive Features:

  • Open access
  • Double-blind peer-review
  • OJS as Journal Management System