A Study of Application of AIDA Model on Pakistani Advertisements

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Dr. Tamsila Naeem
Dr. Hassan Shakeel Shah
Misbah Tasneem


This qualitative study analyses an application of AIDA Model, used for persuasion in Pakistani advertisements which are produced in Pakistani culture to persuade the people of Pakistan.  In the process of advertisement, the selection of suitable words and the ability of conciseness added with other persuasive devices are required to convey the message where the audience is not only the listeners but are the customers of their product. This paper aims at the discovery of the dynamic process in which the words are used not only to communicate but to influence the target audience.  Five ads of different products were selected for analysis through random sampling approach. It was found that all the ads are made in consideration of different techniques, which include rhetorical devices, dramatic element, jingles and highly selected words with their highly intended meaning. It was found that all the ads strictly observe persuasive model, AIDA. It was concluded that emotional as well as logical appeals, both are important to construct quality ads.

Keywords:  Advertisement, AIDA model, Selection of words, Rhetorical devices.

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