An Academic Evaluation of the Methods and Approaches of Reflecting Upon the Quranic Verses and the Styles and Methodologies of Interpretation in 'Tafseer Tadabbur-e-Quran' and 'Tafseer Jawahir al-Quran' Regarding Matters معاملات کے بارے میں تفسیرتدبر قرآ

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Dr. Zeeshan
Dr. Sami Ullah
Dr. Wali Zaman


Tafsir Jawahir al-Quran and Tadabbur Quran" is a significant work among the renowned writings of Maulana Ghulam Allah Khan and Amin Ahsan Islahi. It holds importance as it provides a detailed interpretation and contemplation of the Quran in the manner of the early righteous predecessors. This composition is distinctive for encompassing both types of exegesis, namely exegesis based on the explicit text (Bil-Ma'thur) and exegesis based on personal reasoning (Bil-Ra'y), and offering a concise summary of previous commentaries. The composition, "Tafsir Jawahir al-Quran and Tadabbur Quran," is comprehensive and concise, providing a summary of previous commentaries in terms of comprehensiveness and conciseness. It offers detailed explanations of various aspects of Quranic verses. This work includes both types of exegesis, Bil-Ma'thur (based on the explicit text) and Bil-Ra'y (based on personal reasoning). As a result, readers gain insights into various aspects of the Quran. The scholars, Maulana Ghulam Allah Khan and Amin Ahsan Islahi, have consolidated the views of the early righteous predecessors in this work, incorporating their interpretative theories. The composition discusses jurisprudential issues, providing discussions on different jurisprudential matters in the best possible manner. The work is stylized with the statements and methodologies of theologians, shedding light on different sects and issues, thus contributing to a better understanding of Quranic interpretation. Maulana Ghulam Allah Khan and Amin Ahsan Islahi articulate the methodology and style of interpretation in the best possible way, enhancing the reader's comprehension. This research comprehensively examines the works of these two scholars from various angles, providing a nuanced analysis of their significant contributions.

Keyword- Methodologies of interpretation in 'Tafseer Tadabbur-e-Quran' and 'Tafseer Jawahir al-Quran'

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