Trends of Local Civilization and Culture in Tahira Iqbal’s Fiction طاہرہ اقبال کے افسانوں میں مقامی تہذیب و ثقافت کے رجحانات

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Sajida Kousar
Dr. Asma Rani


In the literature of the world, culture is an absolute reality in every region for nation and national identity. That is why literature, society and writers are pearls of the same thread. From the topics of the society, writers provide samples of culture in literature, which through generations of books, letters, and manuscripts, tell the stories of the past nations to the generations. Tahira iqbal, as a social reformer in the present age of urdu literature is a writer engaged in spreading the colours of Pakistani culture and especially the culture of punjab through her writings. Her works of fiction or other genres of prose are practical examples of all cultural symbols. The uniqueness and charm of different places of punjab can be well studied in the culture context in the fiction of Tahira iqbal . In their stories they have portrayed the social style of leaving and harmonious life in such a way that they have succeeded in convincing themselves as benevolent and social saviors. Among many contemporary writers, Tahira iqbal has found a literary place due to her localism. Her specialisty is to skillfully capture the culture of Pakistan nd punjab in their stories. The personal style nd personality of the author is also the best reflection of the social culture.  In All her collections, she has presented the custom and tradition of the local people and the rural life nd the culture ov punjab in particular. Ganja bar, zameen dang, neeli bar, garage,, and harappa,  her literary works I  which the are of bars the tradition nd culture of photohar and the historical and cultural sceens of harappa and the colourfull culture of Pakistan are masterpieces of realism.

Keywords- Trends,  Civilization,  Culture & Tahira Iqbal’s Fiction

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