A Study Review of the Concept of Ijtihad by Imam Ibn Hazm (may Allah have mercy on him) امام ابن حزم رحمہ اللہ کے تصور اجتہاد کامطالعاتی جائزہ

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Dr. Muhammad Sajjad Malik
Fawad Yaseen
Farida Noreen


This study provides a comprehensive review of the concept of Ijtihad as articulated by Imam Ibn Hazm, a prominent Islamic scholar of the 11th century. Delving into the works of Ibn Hazm, particularly his notable contribution, "Al-Muhalla," the research aims to elucidate the nuances of his understanding of Ijtihad. The analysis explores the conceptual framework, methodologies, and principles employed by Ibn Hazm in the exercise of Ijtihad, shedding light on his distinctive contributions to Islamic legal thought. By considering the historical context and the intellectual milieu in which Ibn Hazm operated, the study offers a nuanced perspective on the evolution of Ijtihad within the broader landscape of Islamic jurisprudence. This review contributes to a deeper understanding of Imam Ibn Hazm's legacy and his enduring impact on the development of legal reasoning in Islamic jurisprudence.

Keywords: Ijtihad, Imam Ibn Hazm, Al-Muhalla, Islamic legal thought, Conceptual framework, Methodologies of Ijtihad, Principles of Ijtihad, Legal reasoning, Historical context, Intellectual milieu, Islamic jurisprudence, Legal review.

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