Mashaikh Abu Dawud Tayalsi, in the Eyes of Scholars of Asma- al-Rijal Art: a Historical and Research Study مشائخ ابوداؤد طیالسی، علماء فن اسماء الرجال کی نظر میں : تاریخی وتحقیقی مطالعہ

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Muhammad Farhan Ur Rehman
Muhammad Ajmal
Hafiza Sobia Gulnaz


Imam Abu Dawud Suleman bin Dawud Tayalisi is one of the great scholars of Hadees; he is the author of a Hadith book “Musnad Abu Dawud Tayalisi”. He was brought up in Basra, which was a great center of knowledge at that time. He studied in Baghdad, Ray, Kufa and Makkah. He traveled to most of the cities and countries around the world, in which he acquired knowledge from the great teachers of his time., but among them, the most well-known and mentioned in the books of Asma-ul-Rijal as, Shuba bin Hajjaj (died 160 AH), Sulaiman bin Mughira al-Qaisi (died 165 AH), Abdullah bin Mubarak bin Waqat al-Hanzali al-Tamimi (died 181 AH), Hisham al-Dastuwai (died 181 AH), Wahib bin Khalid bin Ajlan Al-Bahli, Hamad bin Salama (died 167 AH), Hamad bin Zayd (died 179 AH), Qara bin Khalid al-Sudusi al-Basri (died 155 AH), Aban bin Yazid al-Attar al-Basri (died 160 AH), Waraqa bin Umar al-Ishkari, Shaiban bin Abd al-Rahman al-Nahwi 164 (died 167 AH), Harb bin Shaddad al-Ishkari (died 161 AH), Jarir bin Hazim. Ibn Abdullah (died 175 AH), Abdullah bin Uthman Al-Basri, Ibrahim bin Saad bin Ibrahim (died 185 AH), Ibn Abi Zayb (died 159 AH) All his teachers were the great teachers of their time, whose names we see in the authentic books of Hadith including Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim. Muhadditheen trusted him and felt proud to take hadiths from him. In this article, 16 Mashaikhs are briefly mentioned, in which their life circumstances, their position among Muhadditheen and their services in the field of Hadith are mentioned.

Keywords: Suleman bin Dawud, Basra, Traveled, Mashaikh, Muhaddithin

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