Islam, Science and Society اسلام ، سائنس اور معاشرہ

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Zumara Iqbal
Dr. Hafiz Mohsin Zia Qazi


This research explores the intimate relationship between Islam, science and society, seeking to understand the dynamic interplay of these elements in shaping the intellectual, cultural and moral landscape. This study navigates through historical context, contemporary perspective, and the broader philosophy embedded in Islamic teachings to uncover multifaceted connections. Beginning with an examination of the historical Islamic Golden Age, this research highlights the profound contribution of Muslim scholars to various scientific disciplines. It illustrates how Islamic principles, far from inhibiting scientific inquiry, foster an environment conducive to intellectual exploration, contributing to advances in astronomy, medicine, mathematics and other fields. Moving forward, the study investigates the contemporary interface between Islam and science, considering the challenges and opportunities presented by modern developments. It analyzes how the Islamic moral framework can guide scientific endeavors and technological innovations to ensure that they are consistent with moral and ethical principles. Additionally, the research examines the social implications of the interaction between Islam and science. It explores how scientific knowledge, when approached within an Islamic ethical framework, can contribute to social development, addressing issues such as environmental sustainability, social justice, and health care Is. These findings highlight the compatibility of Islamic principles with scientific inquiry and suggest that synergy between Islam, science and society can be a catalyst for positive social change. The study concludes by advocating an integrated approach that reconciles scientific inquiry with Islamic ethical considerations, promoting a comprehensive understanding that benefits both individual well-being and societal development. And to achieve this goal, the following issues will be discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Islam & Science, Science & Social ProgressIslamic Education & Scientific Literacy, Islamic Phi, losophy of Science, Social Impact of Scientific Advancements.

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