Scientific and literary services of Saad Allah Khitran سعد اللہ کھتر ان کی علمی وادبی خدمات

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Nida Munir
Rafia Malik


Saad Ullah Khitran was one of the great personalities and Urdu poet of Dera Ghazi Khan (Tounsa Shareef) of early 20th century given valuable services in promulating Urdu. He has enormous contribution in Urdu poetry, chronicle and lexicon. He was Co-Editor of magazine "Sojhal Sawel" played a moment our role to pranote Urdu language and literature His prose was also outstanding but no found valuable information about him and his work as he deserves in Urdu history. He got the biggest civil aword of Pakistan "Tamgha-e-Imtiaz" for the we book he wrote "Pheli wadi sariki Lughat" (23 March 2012)

Keywords: Saad Ullah Khitran, Chronicle poet, Lexicon.

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