Navigating Federalism: Constitutional Reforms and Inter-Provincial Dynamics in Pakistan

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Dr. Syed Waqar Ali Shah
Hazrat Usman
Wajid Ullah


This study explores the evolution of federalism in Pakistan through an analysis of constitutional reforms and their impact on inter-provincial dynamics. One objective of this study is to estimate the transformative effects of the 18th Amendment and subsequent amendments on power distribution between the federal government and provinces. Challenges such as centralization versus decentralization debates and conflicts over resource distribution are examined. The implications for the future of federalism in Pakistan are discussed, emphasizing the need for greater intergovernmental cooperation and inclusive governance. Recommendations for further research and policy implications underscore the importance of addressing capacity constraints and promoting equitable development across all provinces. Through a comprehensive analysis, this study may contribute to a deeper understanding of federalism in Pakistan and identify future efforts to navigate its complexities.

Keywords: federalism, constitutional reforms, inter-provincial dynamics, Pakistan, governance.

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