Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership Against Us: Dynamics and Implications for Global Politics

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Dr. Muhammad Naveed Ul Hasan Shah
Muhammad Aoun Abbas


Sino-Russian strategic partnership and its international implications are highly significant for world politics now a day. Developments in recent year, especially deep economic cooperation, military and political partnership has disturbed the unipolarity of US. It will analyze the key steps, agreements of energy sector, joint military exercises and diplomatic coordination, made both countries one soul in two bodies. US considers herself as the champion of the chessboard of geopolitics, but Sino-Russian alliance has become headache for US to maintain her championship in the world. It will be focused that how both China and Russia influenced the regional countries particularly Iran, regional security, economic developments, and power sharing within international platforms. How both countries challenged the western centric order and became strong stakeholders of the multipolar world. It will also be examined different challenges for US from Sino-Russian partnership. Consequently, global political effects will be examined systematically.

Keywords: Sino-Russian, Strategic Partnership, Global Politics, Multipolar World

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