Impact of World Englishes on Pakistani Standard Testing System: A Study of Ielts Testing System

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Muhammad Sufyan Khan
Nabeela Gul
Mukhtiar Hassan
Mian Farman Ullah


The term “World Englishes” shows that English language has a number of varieties all over the world. Every region of the globe has its own style of speaking English language. Thus; people of Pakistan speak English but their way of speaking is different from other regions of the world. To pass the IELTS exam, Pakistani students have to learn English as native speaker because Pakilish is not enough to pass the exam. Quantitative study was chosen to achieve the research objectives. Data was analyzed with the help of SPSS software. 50 students were the samples of the study. The results were described in tables to simply the study. As the data were analyzed with the help of SPSS software, the researchers have commented the numerics and made the study simpler and more justifiable. By following the inquired statements which were actually the research questions, Pakistani IELTS students can easily pass the exam. Study shows that by focusing on listening skills, students learn more than any other activity. The researchers would like to recommend the Pakistani IELTS offering institutions to focus on more advance language learning techniques as the other regions are doing. They further hope that the future researchers will conduct their studies on “World Englishes”.

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