Socio-economic Problems Faced by Laboratory Workers in District Okara: A Research Perspective

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Noor Ul Ain Shouq
Waris Ali
Dr. Asma Islam*


This research paper investigates the socio-economic challenges faced by laboratory workers in District Okara, Pakistan. Despite their crucial role in the healthcare system, laboratory workers encounter various obstacles that affect their well-being and job satisfaction. Through a mixed-methods approach, comprising surveys and interviews, this study explores issues such as inadequate wages, limited access to healthcare benefits, job insecurity, and insufficient opportunities for career advancement. A total of 150 laboratory workers participated in the study, providing valuable insights into their experiences and perceptions. The findings underscore the urgent need for policy interventions and workplace reforms to address these challenges and improve the socio-economic conditions of laboratory workers in District Okara. By advocating for fair wages, enhanced benefits, and career development opportunities, this study aims to contribute to a more equitable and supportive work environment for laboratory workers, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of the healthcare system in the district.

Keywords: Socio-economic problems, laboratory workers, District Okara, Pakistan, wages, healthcare benefits, job security, career advancement.

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