Religion and Society: An Analytical Study مذہب اور معاشرہ: ایک تجزیاتی مطالعہ

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Iram Ahsan
Dr. Muhammad Sajjad Malik
Fazila karam



This analytical study highlights the dualistic character of religious influence as both a unifying and a dividing factor within social institutions as it critically investigates the complicated link between religion and society. The study explores the tensions and conflicts that result from religious variety and ideological differences as well as how religious doctrines, practices, and institutions influence societal norms, values, and behaviors. Through the use of a critical lens, the study examines how religion may both inspire social justice movements and a sense of community while also serving as a reinforcement of gender roles, power dynamics, and societal hierarchies. By comparing and contrasting different historical and cultural situations, the study illustrates the complex ways in which religion may both uphold and undermine social order. The results indicate that in order to effectively address current concerns about pluralism, secularism, and interfaith relations, it is imperative to comprehend the complex effects of religion on society. With its critical insights into the potential and challenges presented by religious influence in contemporary cultures, this research adds to the growing body of knowledge on the interaction between faith and social dynamics.

Key Words: Spirituality and Culture, Social customs, A critical evaluation Influence of religion, societal unity

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