Human Rights Violations in India-Occupied Kashmir, Challenges and Applications for The Region

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Muhammad Kamran Khurshied
Amar Jahangir
Nayab Khalid
Muhammad Behram Zia Khan Dawar


This study explores that Indian government playing with the innocent life of Kashmir valley having high number of human rights violations. The distinctive combination of economic and strategic interest forced the major states to not exert their pressure on Indian government to eradicate the human rights violation in Kashmir valley and should go for a peaceful resolution to eradicate the conflict. The overall situation of Kashmir conflict is badly impacting the stability of South Asia region having two nuclear states are on the edge of war that will obviously destroy the infrastructure and human life. The study uses the theoretical framework of neoclassical realism to properly explain the domestic politics and International Structure in which international communities and Institutions are not paying attention towards the human rights violation in Kashmir and forcing the states to do heinous act. The research objective primarily focuses on analyzing the factors that impacted the human rights, peace and stability of region and to explore the possible factors to address and prevent the human rights violation. The mediation of major states and setting up CBMs to resolve the issue and provide a policy of cooperation, progress and resilience. 

Keywords: Kashmir conflict, Human rights violation, Neoclassical realism, South Asia stability, Conflict resolution

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